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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hi people, Mdm Koh emailed me recently, so I thought that I shld prolly post this up :)

Subject: Catching Up‏
From: Siew Mooi koh (kohsiewmooi@gmail.com)
Sent: 13 November 2009 12: 53PM
To: Hui Xian Low (lowhuixian@hotmail.com)

Hi Huixian,
how have u bn doing? Visited the 6K blog. Altho', it's no longer active, i was surprised that some of you actually kept it alive for a while. Also visited some of your links. You all must be be Sec 3 by now and doing very well, i guess. My yahoo email has beeb disabled. Yours is only email add i have.
All the Best to you and the rest. Stay in touch.
Mdm Koh

~ { 11:50 PM }
aiming for the sky above;

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hey guys, hopefully all of you get to read this.

Would you want a sixkay outing? A movie perhaps?

Please contact me/Ming Shen via email. Or you could add us on msn :)

s.txh@hotmail.com OR mingshen26@hotmail.com

~ { 9:41 AM }
aiming for the sky above;

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whoaaaaa, here to revive the dead blog. :D
Not many people can blog is it?
Idkkkk, last time Hx sent me something then I can blog liao. 8)
Clar here btw. :D

Last week of holidays coming liao.
Any time for classouting? D:
Let's go Sentosa, muahaha. 8D
If there's time lah, which I doubt so.

Or else, let's all go arcade. :D
Muahaha, I'm obviously joking.
Okay lah, nothing else to blog liao.

I want a sixkayohsix tee D:

~ { 9:50 PM }
aiming for the sky above;

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Did everyone receive the email regarding the gathering hosted by Mrs Goh for 6K&6J pupils? If not, here it is.

This is an important announcement....
2005 5J and 2006 6K guys and gals gathering with Lydia Goh @ Aloha Changi Yacht Club Bungalow A. (see attached map)

Find your way to Changi Village Hawker Centre on 21st Oct (Sun) and gather as a group.
Fun starts from 3-11pm. No nite stay cause Monday is a school day for me.
No consent form to be given, so parental permission is required.
Food will be provided. However, you can chip in by getting drinks and tit-bits. No obligation.
Further instructions to be given later should I need help.

All the Best for your coming Exams.

All ex 5J & 6K pupils invited. Pass this msg around.
I can be contacted @82689574
Let send me a msg (with your name please) to confirm your attendance so I know how much food to prepare. ;)


By Car
If you're coming from the north, take SLE/TPE, and exit to Loyang Ave (towards Changi Village). *
If you're coming from the west, you can either take AYE/ECP or PIE to TPE/SLE, and exit to Loyang Ave (towards Changi Village). *
* Go along Loyang Ave (it's quite a long and windy route) and turn left into Cranwell Road. Our chalets are located along Cranwell, Gosport, Andover, Leuchars, Catterick, Netheravon, Halton, Sealand and Biggin Hill Roads. You can check out our map to locate your chalet.

By Train & Bus
Take the east bound train to Tampines MRT station. Transfer to Bus no. 29. Check out our map to locate your chalet and determine where you should alight.
Take the east bound train to Pasir Ris MRT station. We have a Shuttle bus service commuting to & from Pasir Ris MRT station. Click here for the shuttle bus service schedule.

There's a map attached in the email (:
Hope to see you people there!

huixian :D

~ { 9:50 PM }
aiming for the sky above;

Saturday, September 29, 2007

yo, clar's here :D
me and pq have decided to make classtees for sixkayohsix!
like omgzsxsx, isn't that great? :DD
LOL, zi high.
pq th' great artist will be drawing something i think.
after she's done with th' design.
we'll upload it here okay?

anyway, i heard from ryan that someone wished sixkayohsix-ians of mbs good luck of eoys on 98.7? who was it? :D thanks, anyway LOL (:

i rlly, rlly miss sixkayohsix a lot. damn /:
okay, seeya soon! <3

~ { 1:16 AM }
aiming for the sky above;

Sunday, September 02, 2007

ester here :D
first time posting.
and there is a good news. so.. be happy :DDD


Mrs Goh, p6 science teacher :D , say tht she 'll be holding a get-together for both 6Joy and 6Kindess around October. Date and venue etc. aint confirmed yet, depends on whether we're free and the responses given by us.

aint it great? :D
we'll be seeing each other again in less than 2 months :D

i am not very sure larh...
clara ask me help to inform u guys..
so maybe just tag at the tagboard about what u thnk?
not sure...
will ask clara again when theres a need :D

ciao. and have a nice day :D
goodluck for EOY and we shall see each other again ! :D

p.s. must give each other a hug worh! x) HAHAHA.

loves, ester :D

~ { 10:20 PM }
aiming for the sky above;

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HEY. clar hereeeee :DD
its teachers day this fridayyy people (:
must go back mahabodhi okay? :DDD
hahahaha. miss the times man. D:
okay lah. MUST go back arrrrr :))))
hope to seeeeeeya.
mbs ends at normal time.
so we will get enough time. (:
ah, miss sixkayohsix a lot luh.
kk. must go arrrrr :D
got cca, PON ar :D


~ { 1:49 AM }
aiming for the sky above;